Ezra Weiss

Alice in Wonderland (2009)

Music and lyrics by Ezra Weiss
Script by Sarah Jane Hardy based on the book by Lewis Carroll

1. Overture
2. Look at the Time
3. A Long and Sad Tail
4. Who Are You?
5. An Invitation to Play Croquet
6. The Duchess’ Blues
7. The Craziest Cat in Town
8. The Time Song
9. It’s Always Time for Tea
10. Three Little Sisters (Dormouse Shirley Nanette)
11. Five Plus Seven Equals Two
12. Off with His Head (Queen Marilyn Keller)
13. The Knave’s Letter
14. Finale (Queen Marilyn Keller)
15. Three Little Sisters (Dormouse Marilyn Keller)
16. Off with His Head (Queen Shirley Nanette)
17. Finale (Queen Shirley Nanette)

Marilyn Keller: Dormouse, Queen of Hearts
Shirley Nanette: Dormouse, Queen of Hearts
Annabel Cantor: Alice
Sophie Rogers: White Rabbit
Sophie Mackay: Mouse
Rafe Larsen: Dodo, Cook, Seven
Michael Chaffee: Duck, Fish Footman, Two
Joellen Sweeney: Eaglet, (Dormouse, Queen of Hearts understudy)
Alyssa Haning: Lory, Frog Footman, Five
Matt Loehrke: Caterpillar, King of Hearts
Athena Patterson: Duchess, Card
Emily Bryan: Cheshire Cat
Jason Means: March Hare, Card
John Ellingson: Mad Hatter

Farnell Newton, trumpet
Noah Bernstein, saxophones, clarinet
Lars Campbell, trombone
Ezra Weiss, piano
Bill Athens, bass
Tim Paxton, drums

Sheet Music at : JazzCares

Photography by Kathryn Elsesser
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