Ezra Weiss

Sending Love

Hi Friends,

Right now is an overwhelming time to write a news update. It’s hard to find the right words. No words can possibly rise to the scope of this moment, so I’ll just aim to be concise.

The thing I most want to say is that I hope you are taking care of yourself, and that we all are looking out for each other as best we can.

There are a couple other things to let you know about, too.

I want to let you know that when all of this is over and we can all go out and hear live music again, my sextet is planning to resume our monthly residency at the 1905.  We want this place to still be here when that happens, so if you’re able, please send some support to their GoFundMe.

Also, for those of you who lead big bands, I have a new sheet music page on here where you can purchase some of my big band charts.  Please check it out, as I’d be thrilled to have you play my music.

Sending love to you all,


Photography by Vanished Twin
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