Ezra Weiss

Is Everybody Here?

Dear Friends,
I’ve been scared to say anything about this because it seemed so huge that it’s been hard to imagine it actually coming together as a reality. But about a month ago, I got an idea and sent a message to my friends, saying something like, “Hey kids, let’s put on a show!” And that is how Is Everybody Here? was born.

Set in a Zoom call, Is Everybody Here? is a collaborative effort of more than 30 creators illustrating the current moment of COVID-19 in a 40-minute musical revue. The show premieres Friday, May 22 at 7pm PT / 10pm ET on my Facebook page. We will follow it immediately with an online Zoom Q&A Cast Party as well.

Ranging from the awkward comedy of online business meetings to the tension of a doctor self-isolating from their family, the songs’ styles range from jazz and contemporary musical theater to alternative rock and opera. The collaboration includes composers Darrell Grant, Seth Fruiterman, and myself; lyricists Amy Punt (LA), James W. Moore, Jeff Sanders, and S. Renee Mitchell; theater artists Susannah Mars, Isaac Lamb, Thos Shipley (NYC), Sarah Jane Hardy, Elizabeth Gibbs, John Ellingson, and The Bylines; vocalists Marilyn Keller, Jimmie Herrod, Jeff Baker, Jamey Hood (LA), and Brian Smith Walters (London); indie musicians Paul Paresa, Laryssa Birdseye, and Rebecca Sanborn; and video editors Emma Sanders and Jacque Rabie (LA). All of these amazing artists are donating their creativity, artistry, energy, time, and heart to make this spectacular event happen.

People moved by our show are encouraged to make a donation to Artist Relief Tree if they are able. Artist Relief Tree is an artist-run relief fund to help artists impacted by cancellations related to COVID-19. I am also thrilled that Is Everybody Here? will be presented in partnership with the Vanport Mosaic 2020 Virtual Festival.

All of us are doing this because we want to say something about this moment. And we want to make a connection with people. I hope you’ll please join us and be a part of it.

Thanks for reading this and supporting the arts, and I hope you’re all hanging in okay during these crazy times.


Photography by Vanished Twin
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