Ezra Weiss

Sammi – Silver

So last summer, I got a call from my old friend/amazing singer Jeff Baker.  He said he was producing an album for a young singer/songwriter named Sammi, and asked if I would write string arrangements for it.  I figured sure, I could probably knock it out pretty quick, and could use a little extra cash.
Then I heard the demos.  My God, these songs by this 19 year-old were incredible.  Her singing and guitar playing were gorgeous.  Ostensibly, this music fell outside my usual genres.  But in reality, I think Sammi’s music and mine fall in the same category: Sharing Your Heart with All the Honesty You Can Muster.  (If only that were a section in the record store!)
Suffice it to say I felt really honored to be a part of this beautiful album, called Silver, which drops today.  While I’m proud of my string arrangements – and it’s great hearing them beautifully recorded under the musical direction of David Sabee – the real reason I’m telling you all this is because it’s a great record.  I know how the music industry can “toss about your latest golden egg,” and I would like to see Sammi (whom I’ve never met) get the attention and recognition she deserves.
Plus I think you’ll love this album.  I still can’t make it through the last song without crying.  Check it out here.

Photography by Vanished Twin
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