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Amazing Life


I’m thrilled to share with you this new EP I have coming out with bassist Jon Shaw and drummer Tim DuRoche this Friday, September 30 on PJCE Records. It’s called Amazing Life, and it started when phenomenal Tim told me he had a dream that we made a record that sounded like Marilyn Crispell’s Amaryllis with Gary Peacock and Paul Motian.  My mom and dad have always imparted in me the idea that dreams are really important, so I took Tim’s dream seriously.  And I guess I was also looking for an excuse to play music with some friends during these pandemic times.  So I booked us a few hours to record in Paris Butler’s affordable and comfortable studio with our mutual friend and beautiful bassist Jon Shaw.  I wasn’t really expecting an album to come from it, it was just a chance to have some musical communion with a couple of old friends.  In hindsight, I think the lack of expectations around the session really led to the organic vibe of the music that came from it. 

Anyway, this is a really beautiful EP.  We recorded songs composed by some fantastic Pordlanders: Reece Marshburn and Marianna Thielen (aka The Bylines), and Joe Cunningham and Reed Wallsmith (of The Blue Cranes).  Plus one of my originals.  Katsuhiko Naito mixed and mastered.  You can pre-save and pre-order it here:




photo by Douglas Detrick

We celebrate the release of Amazing Life with a concert at The Old Church in Portland on October 4.  The concert will feature an unusual triple bill: The Bylines, Joe Cunningham/Reed Wallsmith Duo, and then our trio of Jon Shaw, Tim DuRoche, and me.  The concert is produced by the Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble with generous support from the Holler Fund.

One thing – I’m so sorry it’s on the eve of Yom Kippur. We booked everyone and everything before we caught it, and it was too late. Usually it’s automatically in my calendar, and for some reason it wasn’t this year. Anyway, I’m really sorry to my friends who observe the holiday, and I hope we’ll have some more opportunities to catch you in the future.

Tickets here!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read about all these happenings and for supporting the music. Sending out love and peace to you all.


with Jon Shaw and Tim DuRoche

with Jon Shaw, Tim DuRoche, Marianna Thielen, Reece Marshburn, Reed Wallsmith, and Joe Cunningham

with Farnell Newton, Aaron Barnes, Devin Phillips, Dave Captein, and Christopher Brown

with Farnell Newton, Noah Bernstein, Devin Phillips, Jon Shaw, and Christopher Brown

with Farnell Newton, John Nastos, Devin Phillips, Jon Shaw, and Christopher Brown

with Farnell Newton, John Nastos, Devin Phillips, Eric Gruber, and Christopher Brown

with Farnell Newton, John Nastos, Devin Phillips, Jon Shaw, and Alan Jones

Stream at https://www.youtube.com/@LeftDoorStreaming/streams


Join us for fabulous music and to raise money for humanitarian relief.

Featuring these artists:

  • Augustana Jazz Quartet with George Mitchell–piano, Kevin Dietz–bass, Marilyn Keller–Vocals
  • Emmett Wheatfall–Poet
  • Todd Marston–Piano
  • George Colligan–Piano/Drums/Trumpet (wow)
  • Ezra Weiss–Piano
  • LaRhonda Steel–Vocalist
  • Machado Mijiga–Drummer/Composer

Can’t come in person?  We will also livestream the concert.

More information here.

Photography by Vanished Twin
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