Ezra Weiss

Amazing Life (2022)

  1. Prayer from the Past Revisited (Ezra Weiss)
  2. Amazing Life (Reed Wallsmith)
  3. End of the World (Reece Marshburn/Marianna Thielen)
  4. Gumshoe (Joe Cunningham)
  5. The End of Suffering (Joe Cunningham)

Ezra Weiss, piano
Jon Shaw, bass
Tim DuRoche, drums

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Ezra Weiss Big Band - We Limit Not the Truth of God
  1. Fanfare for a Newborn
  2. Dear O. and J.
  3. Blues and the Alternative Fact
  4. You just started kindergarten
  5. José’s Drawing
  6. I don’t mean to be a downer
  7. Obergefell
  8. What now
  9. We Limit Not the Truth of God
  10. Please Know That I Love You
  11. Footprints

Ezra Weiss Big Band
Ezra Weiss, conductor

John Nastos, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet
John Savage, alto saxophone, flute, alto flute
Renato Caranto, tenor saxophone
Rob Davis, tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet
Mieke Bruggeman, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Greg Garrett, trumpet, flugelhorn
Thomas Barber, trumpet, flugelhorn
Derek Sims, trumpet, flugelhorn
Farnell Newton, trumpet, flugelhorn

Stan Bock, trombone
Jeff Uusitalo, trombone
Denzel Mendoza, trombone
Douglas Peebles, bass trombone

Jasnam Daya Singh, piano
Eric Gruber, bass
Alan Jones, drums
Carlton Jackson, percussion

The Camas High School Choir (9)
Ethan Chessin, director

Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble From Maxville to Vanport
  1. Oregon Sounds Like Freedom
  2. What Do Your Trees Tell You?
  3. Woman’s Work
  4. Marjorie
  5. Stacked-Deck Hand
  6. Water
  7. Maxville to Vanport

Music by Ezra Weiss
Lyrics by S. Renee Mitchell

Portland Jazz Composers Ensemble

Marilyn Keller – voice
Lee Elderton – soprano sax, clarinet
John Savage – alto sax, flute
Rob Davis – tenor sax, clarinet
Mieke Bruggeman – bari sax, bass clarinet
Douglas Detrick and Farnell Newton – trumpet, flugelhorn
John Moak and Denzel Mendoza – trombone
Ryan Meagher – guitar
Jasnam Daya Singh – piano
Bill Athens – bass
Ken Ollis – drums

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[Live in Portland]

  1. Winter Machine
  2. The Crusher
  3. Don’t Need No Ticket
  4. A Foggy Day (George and Ira Gershwin)
  5. Jessie’s Song
  6. The Five A.M. Strut
  7. Alabama (John Coltrane)
  8. Ez Introduces the Band
  9. Before You Know It

Ezra Weiss, piano
Farnell Newton, trumpet
John Nastos, alto saxophone
Devin Phillips, tenor saxophone
Jon Shaw, bass
Christopher Brown, drums

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  1. Our Path To This Moment
  2. Rise and Fall
  3. It’s You Or No One
  4. Kunlangeta
  5. The Promise
  6. Jessie’s Song
  7. Wayfaring Stranger

Ezra Weiss, composer, arranger, piano (tracks 3, 4, 6)
Greg Gisbert, trumpet (tracks 1, 2, 7)

The Rob Scheps Big Band:
Gary Harris, David Valdez, Rob Scheps, Scott Hall, Robert Crowell —  reeds
Rich Cooper, Paul Mazzio, Greg Garrett, Conte Bennett — trumpets
Stan Bock, Tom Hill, John Moak — trombones
JáTtik Clark — tuba
Ramsey Embick — piano
Tim Gilson — bass
Ward Griffiths — drums
Chaz Mortimer — percussion (tracks 3, 7)


1. I Wish I’d Met You
2. The Great City
3. Shirley Horn’s Sound of Love
4. I Love You, Porgy
5. Now That You Mention It
6. Blues for Shirley
7. Estate
8. Something Happens to Me
9. May the Most You Wish For

Ezra Weiss, piano
Shirley Nanette, voice
Corcoran Holt, bass
Steve Williams, drums



Music and lyrics by Ezra Weiss
Script by Sarah Jane Hardy based on the book by Lewis Carroll

1. Overture
2. Look at the Time
3. A Long and Sad Tail
4. Who Are You?
5. An Invitation to Play Croquet
6. The Duchess’ Blues
7. The Craziest Cat in Town
8. The Time Song
9. It’s Always Time for Tea
10. Three Little Sisters (Dormouse Shirley Nanette)
11. Five Plus Seven Equals Two
12. Off with His Head (Queen Marilyn Keller)
13. The Knave’s Letter
14. Finale (Queen Marilyn Keller)
15. Three Little Sisters (Dormouse Marilyn Keller)
16. Off with His Head (Queen Shirley Nanette)
17. Finale (Queen Shirley Nanette)

Marilyn Keller: Dormouse, Queen of Hearts
Shirley Nanette: Dormouse, Queen of Hearts
Annabel Cantor: Alice
Sophie Rogers: White Rabbit
Sophie Mackay: Mouse
Rafe Larsen: Dodo, Cook, Seven
Michael Chaffee: Duck, Fish Footman, Two
Joellen Sweeney: Eaglet, (Dormouse, Queen of Hearts understudy)
Alyssa Haning: Lory, Frog Footman, Five
Matt Loehrke: Caterpillar, King of Hearts
Athena Patterson: Duchess, Card
Emily Bryan: Cheshire Cat
Jason Means: March Hare, Card
John Ellingson: Mad Hatter

Farnell Newton, trumpet
Noah Bernstein, saxophones, clarinet
Lars Campbell, trombone
Ezra Weiss, piano
Bill Athens, bass
Tim Paxton, drums

Sheet Music at : JazzCares

1. For Heather
2. Once Upon a Time
3. It’s You Or No One
4. What I Can Never Say
5. Blue Room
6. Get Happy
7. You’ll Never Walk Alone
8. He Loves and She Loves
9. Run Under the Fountain
10. Don’t Need No Ticket

Ezra Weiss, piano, rhodes
Kevin Louis, trumpet
Antonio Hart, alto saxophone
Kelly Roberge, tenor saxophone
Andy Hunter, trombone
Andrae Murchison, trombone
Heidi Krenn, voice
Samantha Grabler, voice
Elif Caglar, voice
Corcoran Holt, bass
Jason Brown, drums
Billy Hart, drums


1. Lord Give Me Wings
2. Rise and Fall
3. Family Song
4. Winter Machine
5. The Dancer
6. Capricorn
7. Persephone
8. Laugh at Yourself
9. Spring

Ezra Weiss, piano
Michael Philip Mossman, trumpet, flugelhorn
Antonio Hart, alto saxophone, flute
Kelly Roberge, tenor saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Leon Lee Dorsey, bass
Billy Hart, drums tracks 1, 4, 5, 7, 9
Jason Brown, drums tracks 2, 3, 6, 8


1. Symmetrics
2. A Time for Healing
3. Tea Shells
4. One for Wendell
5. Waiting
6. The Clown Feature
7. For the Youngins
8. The Five A.M. Strut
9. I Regret

Ezra Weiss, piano
Michael Philip Mossman, trumpet
Antonio Hart, alto saxophone
Kelly Roberge, tenor saxophone
Leon Lee Dorsey, bass
Billy Hart, drums


Photography by Kathryn Elsesser
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