Ezra Weiss

We Limit Not The Truth of God – Press Quotes

“This album is a raw statement and commentary of the times in which we live. This album is an emotional and musical roller-coaster ride, provocative and full of risk. This album is a musical version of Edvard Munch’s “Scream” combined with the calm of Monet. This album is one of the most provocative I’ve heard. I love this album and hate the fact that it needed to be made. Highly recommended.”
-Andrew Read, Jazz in Europe

“The piece brims with triumphant joy, vividly depicted by Weiss’ choral arrangement.”
-Matt Micucci, Jazziz

“Music that plows through a sea of dark emotions on the way to defiantly proclaiming that truth will prevail. This is a strong and inspiring work that could provide catharsis and hope to someone overwhelmed by the world we currently live in.”
-Jerome Wilson, All About Jazz

“The music provides a healthy primer on contemporary orchestral jazz, with moments that evoke bands led by Thad Jones and Mel Lewis, Maria Schneider, and even current rising stars like Miho Hazama. In their pithy solos, reedmen John Nastos and Renato Caranto make a strong case for further investigation of the Pacific Northwest jazz scene.”
-Martin Johnson, JazzTimes

“There have been periodic powerful social commentaries throughout jazz history, with examples such as Billie Holiday’s Strange Fruit, John Coltrane’s Alabama or Max Roach’s Tryptic. This album is being suggested as a worthy addition to that group… One of the most powerful and ambitious social comment albums ever released, and remarkable throughout.”
-Keith Black, Winnipeg Free Press

“One of those sets that’ll wind up being passed down to future generations, Weiss knows how to eloquently state his case, with swing and style for all.”
-Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Richly textured sections close things out on Wayne Shorter’s “Footprints” which show rich ideas audibly as well as intellectually.”
-George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

“For this monumental project, he has gathered some of the best Northwest jazz musicians to bring a vibrant vision, combining jazz and classical motifs that both soar in their beauty, and express a foreboding unease when necessary.”
-Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition

“High marks for Weiss’s intrepid compositions and arrangements, and for the band and soloists.”
-Jack Bowers, All About Jazz

“The music has an inwardness that suggests a man reflecting on his own time through the lens of posterity… It’s an emotional record that requires and repays patient listening.”
-Brian Morton, Jazz Journal

“Someday, his works will be jazz standards but, today, we get to hear them soon after the conception.”
-Travis Rogers, Jr., The Jazz Owl


Photography by Vanished Twin
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